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Millions in overseas political donations - heat on local MPs to disclose impact on decision making

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 26 Aug 2016


26 August 2016

The latest disclosure that one overseas donor has given millions of dollars to the Liberal, National and Labor parties puts the heat on MPs to disclose what was expected in return for these massive political donations, says Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon.

Fairfax Report – Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's links to Chinese political donors

“When the parliamentary inquiry into the 2016 election commences I will ask my colleagues to support calling Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and former Treasurer Wayne Swan to give evidence,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

“Minister Bishop has praised a number of overseas donors that have made generous contributions to the Western Australian Liberal Party.

“The public have a right to know the role political donations play when politicians with trade and diplomatic responsibilities make decisions. 

“I believe MPs on an inquiry into the last election, which will cover political donations, have a responsibility to ask such questions.

“Mr Swan could also be of assistance to the inquiry. He recently stated that overseas donations could be ‘skewing’ decision making. 

“It would be useful for Mr Swan to also give evidence to expand on his concerns and speak of the impact political donations had on decision making when Labor was in office.  

“This latest report gives added weight to the Greens’ call for national uniform political donation laws including bans and caps on political donations, limits on election expenditure and greater transparency with real time disclosure of donations.

“These recommendations will be fully detailed in our submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters when it starts its inquiry into the 2016 election,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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