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Methane gas rises to the top of Glasgow agenda

Media Release
Adam Bandt 26 Oct 2021

US President Joe Biden’s push for a 2030 Global Methane Pledge further puts Australia’s climate policies at odds with the rest of the world at Glasgow.

Methane emissions are a potent greenhouse gas, assessed by the IEA as 28 times more potent than CO2. With the focus of Glasgow being on 2030 and actions this decade, cutting methane gas use is set to be at the top of the agenda. 

In Australia, reports suggest that the National Party have demanded the government not sign the Biden pledge at Glasgow as part of their negotiations on the fraudulent mid-century net-zero target.

Liberals and Labor continue to back a so-called ‘gas-led recovery’, voting together to give public money to gas corporations to open up Northern Territory gas fields, which together hold the equivalent of 70 years worth of Australia’s complete national emissions from all sectors. 

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:

“Gas is as dirty as coal. Joe Biden knows that and it’s why he’s bringing together a global alliance to rapidly reduce gas use.

“At Glasgow a major global alliance will form to pledge to cut gas use by at least 30% this decade.

“Meanwhile, Liberal and Labor want more coal and gas, funded with public money.

“Joe Biden understands that gas is cooking the planet and knows that this is the critical decade to act.

“Australia’s last dash for gas will be looked back upon as both climate denialism and economic self-sabotage.  In a climate crisis, Liberal and Labor are using public money to build gas mines and export terminals.

“As the world turns its back on gas, for the good of the planet, Australia will find itself with expensive stranded assets that the public footed the bill for.

"Labor and the Liberals are acting in the interest of their gas corporation donors and doing long-term damage to our country, its reputation and its economy.”

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