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Liu scandal shows critical need for donations reform: Greens

Media Release
Larissa Waters 4 Dec 2019

The epidemic of scandals involving Liberal parliamentarians continues with Liberal MP Gladys Liu linked to a donor at the centre of a money laundering probe by Australian authorities.

Greens co-deputy leader Larissa Waters said, “It’s time to end cash-for-access and get the influence of big money and dodgy donors out of politics.

“Prime Minister Morrison should stop the protection racket for Ms Liu and his embattled Ministers and stop the rot by capping political donations and election spending.

“Both the Coalition and the Labor Party say they want to tackle undue foreign influence on politics but they won’t clean up political donations, because they are addicted to the money.

“If Australia capped political donations and election spending, we could address all those seeking to interfere in our democracy, whether they are foreign powers, corporate interests or donors with an agenda.

“The Greens want to cap all political donations at $1,000 per year and ban outright political donations from the mining, property development and gambling industries.

“Every member of parliament should act in the best interests of the community, not for their own self-interest and profit.

“It’s time Australia removed the corrupting influence of money in politics and give democracy back to the people,” she said.


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