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Lining up exploration permits for the South West poses a huge threat to the community in the long-term: Greens

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 15 Jul 2015

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has said it should serve as ‘a huge alarm signal’ that the Barnett Government has chosen an applicant for a permit to explore the South West region for shale gas and oil.

“This is about getting fracking going in the South West, fracking is the method for extracting shale gas, the community will not be fooled.

“For the State Government to downplay potential fracking in the region whilst they are lining up permits for exploration of unconventional gas is offensive and I’m sure will receive immediate backlash from the community.

“The South West is enjoyed for its beautiful environment and as a prime agricultural and tourism region; these all come under threat with this prospect of fracking in the future.

“For the Government to attempt to minimise panic by saying it’s not happening right now is ludicrous; these areas shouldn’t come under threat by Barnett’s big business mates.

"Fracking and drilling poses a significant threat with potential for land disturbance and a significant risk of contamination and disruption of groundwater systems.

“I’m sure this news will send shock waves through the South West community; they won’t sit by and let this happen. I encourage people to let their representatives know immediately that this is not what they want for the South West now or in the future.

"The Greens oppose fracking given its potential to harm the environment, agriculture, water sources, community and cultural values.

“I urge the WA Government's not to ignore the science, environmental impacts and wishes of the community when it comes to making decisions about resource development in the South West region”.

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