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Liberals in Mayo panic

Anti-Greens brochures from the Liberal Party that are being circulated in Mayo show a party in panic and fearing a loss of the seat, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Canberra today. The Greens candidate for Mayo is Lynton Vonow.

"These brochures, which follow the path of misrepresentation of the Greens taken the by the Exclusive Brethren at recent elections, are set to deceive the voters of Mayo," Senator Brown said.

"A headline about a 'Green revolution' deletes the subsequent story from Melbourne's Herald Sun outlining Greens policies like increasing the aged pension, fitting all houses with solar hot water and ending the destruction of Australia's wild forests.

"The Greens drugs policy for harm minimisation echoes Coalition policy. Brendan Nelson has previously told the parliament that 'drug users and addicts in particular should be treated as the pitiable people that they are and much less like criminals' and that the government needed 'a much broader approach to this issue than simply enforcement'," Senator Brown said.

"More than a million people voted for the Greens at 2007 federal election and we are proud of all of our policies," Senator Brown said.

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