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Letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison Regarding Live Sheep Exports

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Mehreen Faruqi 2 Nov 2018

2 November 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison MP PO Box 6022
House of Representatives, Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600


Dear Prime Minister,

We are writing today asking that you allow a free vote in the House of Representatives on the ‘Animal Export Legislation Amendment (Ending Long-haul Live Sheep Exports) 2018’, which was passed by the Senate on September 10.

The non-partisan bill, which was cosponsored by the Australian Greens, Sen. Tim Storer and Sen. Derryn Hinch, would bring an immediate end to long-haul sheep and lamb export voyages to the Persian Gulf or through the Red Sea during the Northern Hemisphere summer. After a transitional five-year period, that ban would be extended to cover the entire year.

Australians are demanding action to bring an end to live exports because of systemic and repeated issues of animal abuse. The horrifying images of suffering animals have shocked the community to its core. Unfortunately, the live export industry has shown itself to be incapable of or unwilling to address these serious deficiencies in its conduct. The recently released Moss Review has shown a system that has failed animals and is based on money, not animal welfare. The community is looking to Parliament for leadership.

We believe that the House of Representatives has a right to vote on the matter and that the numbers exist for the legislation to pass, in line with community sentiment and expectations. The only thing standing in the way of resolving this problem to the satisfaction of the Australian public at this point in time is your Government. By not allowing the bill to be debated, democratic process and the wishes of millions of Australians are being disregarded.

We therefore request that you allow debate on the bill to proceed to a vote on the week of November 26. In addition we request that you allow a free vote on the bill in your party and agree not to seek retribution against any MPs who cross the floor.

Thank you.

Senator Mehreen Faruqi

Australian Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson

Richard Di Natale

Australian Greens Leader

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