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Leadbeater's Possum - Too Precious To Lose

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Janet Rice 27 Sep 2012

On Melbourne’s doorstep, the ancient forests of our Central Highlands are under threat from commercial logging. This destruction is being subsidised by Victorian taxpayers, as the old woodchip business models are failing.

The Greens want to establish the Great Forest National Park for all Victorians to enjoy.

This new national park will protect our forest heritage, secure Melbourne’s drinking water, increase tourism, create sustainable jobs and save Victoria’s animal emblem, the Leadbeater's Possum, from extinction.

Stand with the Greens and pledge your support for the establishment of the Great Forest National Park.

You can trust the Greens to stop wasting taxpayer money on logging and woodchipping our native forests. By investing in plantations instead, we will create jobs in regional Victoria.

Watch this speech in the Parliament, where Greens Senator for Victoria Senator highlights the plight of this precious species:

Leadbeater's Possum (photo: D. Harley)

The Leadbeater's Possum is too precious to lose.

What can you do to help protect the Leadbeater’s Possum?

Join the campaign - sign up for updates on Victorian Greens Senator Janet Rice's work to protect the Leadbeater's Possum

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