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Leadbeater’s and Logging Don’t Mix

The Australian Greens have today criticised the Napthine Government’s band-aid gesture to protect Victoria’s faunal emblem, the Leadbeater’s possum from extinction.

“Here we have another example of a half-baked plan which will not ensure the possums survival,” said Dr Richard Di Natale, Greens Senator for Victoria.

“The continuing decline of the Leadbeater's possum in the Victorian ash forests is stark proof that logging and wildlife do not mix.

“The Australian Greens call on the Victorian Government to heed the message of Professor Lindenmayer to declare the Great Forest National Park and take clear felling out of the system.

“It is disappointing to again witness the vested interests of the timber industry trumping the best forest ecology science available to the government, with the clear loser being our state’s faunal emblem.”

Click here for more information on the Great Forest National Park proposal or here to learn what you can do to help the leadbeater's possum.

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