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Larissa Waters Returning to Federal Parliament

Media Release
Larissa Waters 6 Sep 2018

Australian Greens Senator Larissa Waters is returning to federal Parliament following the confirmation of her appointment as a Senator for Queensland by the Queensland State Parliament. 

Today’s reappointment filled the vacancy created by Andrew Bartlett, who stepped down from the Senate role he filled after Sen. Waters resigned over section 44, to contest the lower house seat of Brisbane at the next federal election. 

Senator Waters will be the first section 44'd Senator to return to the seat to which she was originally elected.

"Politicians are even more out of touch with the people they are meant to represent than when I left parliament 13 months ago,” said Sen. Waters.

“While big egos in Canberra fight amongst themselves, the plight of everyday Australians to access basic services, affordable housing, employment and a clean environment gets ignored.

“The major parties have put the interests of big corporate donors ahead of the rest of us. Corporate profits and political donations soar, while the services people rely upon are underfunded and our planet is trashed.

"In my listening tour of Queensland over the last month, the clearest message is that people want their democracy back. Parliament has become a circus of self-interest, sexism and greed. 

"We Greens are here to clean up politics, put people and the planet back at the heart of decision making, and work for a future for all of us.

"I'm honoured and excited to be returning as a voice for all Queenslanders. I would like to thank my dear friend Andrew Bartlett for his hard work and look forward to him becoming the Member for Brisbane," concluded Sen. Waters.

Sen. Waters will be sworn into the Commonwealth Parliament on Monday at 4:30 PM and will be the Greens spokesperson for Democracy, Women, Tourism, Mining and Resources and Gambling.

Media Contact - Karina Natt; 0419 626 725 

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