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Labor's Sunday night TV ad onslaught shows fixed terms are needed

Media Release
Christine Milne 4 Aug 2013

The Australian Greens have unveiled plans for fixed terms with the first Saturday in Spring to become the permanent election date every 3 years.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said: "The Greens plan for fixed terms, with a set election date every 3 years, would end the uncertainty over election timing for good and prevent the blatant partisan abuse and manipulation of election timing.

"The immediate rush of Labor to TV advertising post the election announcement shows how partisan and unfair the advantage is for the incumbent . This has been ruthlessly abused by Kevin Rudd with the onslaught of Labor TV advertising on Sunday night.

"Kevin Rudd said yesterday he had not decided on a date but had already placed the TV ads. This is not a new way, it is the old 'double speak' way.

"Following the election the Greens will move in the parliament to establish a special joint parliamentary inquiry to work out the best way fixed 3 year terms can be established.

"My preference is for the first Saturday in September every three years from 2016 to be the federal election date for ever more. The joint committee will assess all possible dates and any Constitutional impediments to fixed 3 year terms.

"The manipulation of election date timing for political purposes has got to end. It is bad for business, it is bad for democracy.

"Regardless of Constitutional issues, a political commitment from both sides of politics, enshrined in law, would give Australians the certainty they deserve over election timing.

"I call on both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to get behind this sensible Greens initiative," said Senator Milne.

Provisions for calling double dissolution elections would remain.


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