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Labor Soft Pedals Independence for Tibet, East Timor and West Papua

Media Release
Bob Brown 15 Sep 1998

Greens Senator Bob Brown condemned today"s ALP policy announcement on diplomacy, because it avoids making a commitment for a vote on independence in human rights hotspots Tibet, East Timor and West Papua.

"Beijing and Jakarta will breathe a sigh of relief but the people of these three countries to our north expect and should get a clear strong demand from the Australian Opposition party that they be granted a vote on self-determination. Tibet is relegated to a one sentence mention in Labor"s 16-page release. Labor offers no policy on West Papua (Irian Jaya) at all," Senator Brown said.

The ALP"s Laurie Brereton announced today a revamp of his their foreign affairs position, in a Human Rights Diplomacy Policy.

"The difference between Coalition and Labor policies remains paper thin. Both are, of course, putting trade before justice. Both are way behind public opinion in Australia".

"The Greens will continue to apply pressure in Canberra to jettison the weak-kneed policies of serial Labor and Coalition governments on these issues," he said.

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