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Labor should pull support for Shell and Arrow CSG Development deal

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 3 Dec 2017

Shell and Arrow Energy have struck a deal without intervention from the Queensland government to push forward with the biggest coal seam gas development on the east coast.

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett said:

“The deal between Shell and Arrow Energy when combined have given tens of thousands of dollars to the Labor Party is yet another example of the corporate stranglehold over politics Queenslanders are sick of."

“Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk should pull Labor’s support for this project."

“Donations flow into the major parties coffers, they make decisions that make sure multinationals keep making massive profits."

“Meanwhile rural and regional Queensland communities are left in the dust."

“Their farmland and groundwater is threatened, bushland is cleared and rural and regional communities are sold the lie of fake jobs in a dying industry."

“800 construction jobs and 200 ongoing jobs is not good enough, we can provide 5,500 jobs a year by investing in publicly owned renewable energy."

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