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Labor’s complete capitulation on tax cuts for billionaires a betrayal

Media Release
Adam Bandt 26 Jul 2021

The Greens have slammed Labor's reported capitulation on Stage 3 Tax Cuts, saying the resolution to back the Liberals and not repeal the unfair tax breaks for Australia's rich will turbocharge economic inequality and the money would be better spent on social services instead.

With the next election on a knife-edge, Adam Bandt MP says the Greens in balance of power will push for Stage 3 tax cuts to be repealed and a new tax to be imposed on billionaires.

Quotes attributable to Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP:

“Labor's reported decision to side with the Liberals and give tax cuts to billionaires is the sell-out of the century.”

“Labor and Liberals are set to kill Australia’s progressive tax system. Under Liberal and Labor’s plan, a worker on minimum wage could pay the same tax rate as a CEO.

“This is the biggest attack on equality for a generation, and Labor must reconsider its decision to side with the Liberals.

“Tax cuts for billionaires means cuts to services for everyone else. We need to get dental into Medicare, not give tax cuts to billionaires.

“The choice this election is now very clear. The Greens will put a tax on billionaires and get dental into Medicare, but Liberal and Labor will give billionaires a tax cut and slash the public purse.

“This election is closer than you think. The Liberals are only a few hundred votes away from losing majority government, and with a power-sharing Parliament looming, the Greens will kick the Liberals out, get into balance of power and push the next government to repeal Stage 3 of the tax cuts and tax billionaires instead.”

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