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Labor must reject National Energy Guarantee: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 20 Jul 2018

Australian Greens climate and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP has welcomed reports Federal Labor intends to reject the National Energy Guarantee and has called on Labor premiers to join them.

According to media reports today, Labor climate and energy spokesperson Mark Butler has said Labor could not support the government’s NEG legislation because it locks in low pollution reduction targets for ten years. New modelling also released today shows a higher emissions reduction target than that envisioned in the NEG would bring down prices, because more renewables would be brought into the electricity system earlier.

“It is good to see Federal Labor is starting to stand up to the government, but now the Labor premiers need to grow a spine and stand up to Malcolm Turnbull too,” said Mr Bandt.

“The facts are clear. The National Energy Guarantee will mean more coal, more pollution, higher prices and less renewable energy.”

“Further, the Labor premiers should not even think about signing off on the NEG without seeing the full package. Minister Frydenberg needs to present to COAG the draft Federal legislation, the government’s response to the ACCC report and any dirty deals the government might do to placate the back bench. 

“Labor must not sign off at COAG and give the government a blank cheque, otherwise a terrible policy will get even worse.”

“The Reputex report released today shows what everyone knows. More renewables will mean lower prices. The only thing in the way of lower prices is Malcolm Turnbull shackling himself to Tony Abbott’s pollution targets.”

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