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Labor getting behind East-West tollway

Media Release
Adam Bandt 28 May 2013

Greens MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, said Labor has shown its true colours after key Labor MPs spoke out in Federal Parliament in favour of the East-West road tollway.

During a debate on Monday, former Attorney-General and Member for Gellibrand in Melbourne's inner west, Nicola Roxon, joined with former Parliamentary Secretary and Member for Corio, Richard Marles, to back the East West tunnel, subject to financing and a ‘proper process'.

"Labor has shown its true colours. Labor came up with the idea of the East-West tollway in the first place and they still want to wreck inner-city Melbourne by building it," said Mr Bandt.

"Last week, the Federal Environment Minister fast-tracked environmental approval for the tollway, and this week key Labor MPs have expressed support for the project."

"You can't trust Labor to look after the environment or our neighbourhoods. Only the Greens will stand up against this piece of environmental and economic madness."

Mr Marles said: "The East West link its totality as a project where we are able to wave a magic wand and have it appear tomorrow is a great thing. There is no question about that."

Ms Roxon said: "In a perfect world, as the Member for Corio said, if you had unlimited amount of money, this West East link would also, hopefully, have gone through its proper business case and be on the table for expenditure."


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