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Labor betrays forest conservation deal

Media Release
Christine Milne 21 Aug 2013

Federal Labor's announcement today that Tasmanian regional development money will be decoupled from forest conservation shows they can't be trusted on the environment, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said today.

"Throughout this process we've said money for the industry or regions should be tied to conservation outcomes so the rug couldn't be pulled out at the last minute," Senator Milne said.

"Today, we see federal Labor's final betrayal in their promise to ensure long-term forest conservation in Tasmania.

"As always the industry has had tens of millions poured into it while the state-based conservation outcomes hang in limbo.

"Labor's first betrayal was to shorten the time period for regional development money to be disbursed and now they've completely severed the link.

"The upper house wrecked the forest agreement with its clauses to silence protest and allow logging in reserves. And now Labor has removed the only pressure on the upper house to deliver forest conservation.

"Time and time again we've seen you just can't trust Labor on the environment."

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