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Labor and Liberal vote down Senate motion on Okehampton Bay

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 22 Jun 2017

Greens spokesperson for Health Oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson expresses his disappointment that both Labor and Liberal voted in the Senate to support the Okehampton fish farm expansion on Tasmania's east coast, and refused to recognise their record of poor regulation and mismanagement of this important industry.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “Today Labor and Liberal showed their hand and put on record their support for the unpopular fish farm expansion at Okehampton Bay.

"It's ironic that the excuse the Government used for not supporting the Senate motion was that the fish farming debacle in Macquarie Harbour is now before the Federal Courts, when this is a mess of their own making.

"If Labor and Liberal really cared about the future of Salmon workers, they would have a good look at themselves and their mistakes, and move to act on the long term sustainability of the industry and its reputation.

“Over 1000 Tasmanians turned out in force on the weekend to protest about the unpopular proposal to bring near-shore salmon farming to Okehampton Bay. I moved this motion in the Senate today acknowledging those who came out in support of putting the environment and communities first.

“Labor and Liberal voted together in opposition to the motion. Both are in denial of the damage that continues to occur in Macquarie Harbour and are in denial of the community opposition to salmon farming in Okehampton Bay.

“It's high time Labor and Liberal opened their eyes to the mess they have created in  Macquarie Harbour, and understand why communities on the East Coast of Tasmania don't trust them”, he concluded. 

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