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Labor’s weak EV policy lacks mechanisms on achieving their EV target, leaves Australia stuck in the slow lane, say Australian Greens

Media Release
Janet Rice 1 Apr 2019

Labor’s electric vehicle policy including a target of 50% by 2030 is weak and lacks any clarity or mechanisms to achieve the target, say the Australian Greens.

“Not only does the target lack ambition, but the policy lacks mechanisms that would get us even close to 50% electric vehicles by 2030,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport and infrastructure spokesperson.

“We have the opportunity to join countries like Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland which have a target of all new vehicles sales being electric vehicles by 2030. This is also what the NRMA is calling for.”

“Labor’s target is weak and leaves Australia stuck in the slow lane.”

“Labor’s 105g CO2/km light vehicle emissions policy won’t play a part unless it is introduced immediately and ramped up over time. Where is Labor’s timeline for implementation?”

“This is a weak electric vehicle target for Australia, when we already have the lowest uptake of OECD countries and other countries are zipping us by with bold, ambitious EV policies that are working.”

“Labor’s EV announcement is nothing but an attempt to grab some headlines on climate change without any actual substance.”

The Australian Greens electric vehicle policy includes:

  • setting a target of 100% of new passenger vehicles being electric by 2030
  • strong vehicle emissions standards of 105g CO@/km by 2022
  • removing import tariffs and other taxes such as GST, stamp duty and registration,and
  • rolling out fast charging infrastructure.
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