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Kangaroo Island future in Minister’s hands, again

The future of the Kangaroo Island community is again in the hands of Environment Minister Tony Burke as he decides on a second application for oil and gas exploration off the Island's coast, says Senator for South Australia, Senator Penny Wright.

Senator Wright said Minister Burke should listen to community calls to reject Bight Petroleum's resubmitted application outright for failing to address previously-raised concerns.

"Minister Burke has now received over 20,000 emails calling on him to reject this proposal and recognise Kangaroo Island is too precious to lose.

"Seismic testing off the coast of the Island could have drastic implications for the Island's tourism and fishing industries.

"The future of the Kangaroo Island community is at stake and they have had this hanging over them for more than 18 months now. The Minister must reject this second application outright and allow the community some certainty.

"The documents released by Bight Petroleum expose the poor quality of the scientific work the company has done to assess the environmental risks.

"Bight Petroleum's second submission addresses none of the concerns that caused Minister Burke to step in and ask for more information the first time.

"Minister Burke previously raised concerns about the impact of seismic exploration on threatened sea animals in this unique area. These concerns remain, so Minister Burke should - at the very least - uphold his previous decision.

"However, it is about time to recognise this marine wildlife hotspot is simply too precious to lose and protect it - and the community - permanently."


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