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Joe Hockey's assault on Australian way of life

Media Release
Adam Bandt 24 Apr 2014

Australians will sleep less easily tonight after Treasurer Joe Hockey's speech on the Commission of Audit.

Greens Acting Leader Adam Bandt says Australians can look forward to a more insecure future after the May 13 Budget, courtesy of Tony Abbott.

"Make no mistake, the Australian way of life is under threat like never before," Mr Bandt.

"This is a callous shopping list of cuts to some of the country's most vulnerable people. They will deliver for the Abbott government's mates at the expense of everyday Australians.

"Australians should not buy the idea that these cuts are inevitable or without alternatives. The Greens' new independent costings show that there are alternatives.

"For example, Joe Hockey could save $13 billion by ending tax payer subsidies to ‘big mining' and fossil fuels. Instead, he and Tony Abbott seem to have it in for pensioners.

"Today, the Greens have also shown that taxing trusts and taxing those who have a salary of over $1m would also raise $4.3 billion.

"Since coming to power this government has given us knights, dames and expensive planes, while saying it can't afford to maintain pensions and free healthcare, the foundations on which our egalitarian society is built.

"Mr Hockey is spinning a scare-story but the really frightening thing is that he's refusing to talk about revenue.

"He talks proudly about axeing taxes that should actually be improved to ease budget pressures.

"Australia should balance the Budget by lifting revenue and asking for more from those who can afford it, instead of attacking health, education and pensions.

"The Greens will stand up to Tony Abbott and we won't be part of his brutal agenda," said Mr Bandt.

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