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James Price Point protests the product of Barnett’s wilful myopia

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 18 May 2012

WA Senator Scott Ludlam arrived in Broome today to support the protests against the proposed James Price Point gas hub.

Senator Ludlam said the Barnett Government had "refused to listen and refused to learn" why James Price Point should not be the site of the gas hub.

"The protests are a direct result of a failure of policy on the part of the Western Australian Government. This is a pristine site, and should never have been considered for this project."

"The State Government has made an absolute hash of this, from approving the site to the ridiculously heavy-handed deployment of 250 WA police officers to act as private security guards for the Browse LNG joint venture."

"It's time for the Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to step in and clean up this mess."

Senator Ludlam said one of the two protestors who have locked themselves inside a vehicle on an access road to the proposed site, 65 year-old Ali Batten, had organised and delivered 12,000 postcards to Minister Burke on the issue which were never acknowledged.

"Ms Batten helped 12,000 people write to Mr Burke to ask for his intervention, and this was ignored. It's no surprise that she has taken matters into her own hands. It's time for the Federal Government to put an end to this confrontation by having the gas hub moved to a more suitable site."




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