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It’s Adani or our environment, Labor, time to choose

Labor must decide whether it will stand by environmental protections or roll over to Adani and big oil wanting to drill in the Bight, the Greens say.


“It is dirty fossil fuels or the environment. If Labor is to have a credible environment policy, they need to commit to no new coal, oil and gas, fund environmental protections, stop Adani and protect the Bight,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“Another poll has shown Labor is set to win the next election. Labor may have adopted some of the Greens’ policies on the environment, but without the Greens in the Senate holding the Labor party to account, we cannot trust they will do the right thing by the environment and voters.


“The CSIRO has exposed Adani for its dodgy plans that would have a terrible impact on water in Queensland. Putting at risk an ancient spring, and draining billions of litres of ground water, are but more serious red flags that should see this project rejected.


“If Labor short-changes the environment, they short-change the planet. If they cut corners on climate change by continuing to burn fossil fuels, their emissions targets will be irrelevant.


“We need Greens in the Senate to ensure Labor not only fulfils its election promise to the environment, but does more to secure a clean, green future for all of us. That means no new coal, oil and gas and phasing out fossil fuels.


“The Greens stand with the passionate environmental activists and the Stop Adani movement in the fight for our environment and action on climate change.”

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