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If Grace Grace wants to keep abortion a crime in Queensland she should say so

Media Release
GreensMPs 17 Feb 2017

Queensland Greens candidate for Brisbane Central, Kirsten Lovejoy says if Labor MP Grace Grace intends to vote against a private member’s bill to decriminalise abortion she should say so.

“The member for Brisbane Central’s evasive statement that she will closely consider the contents of the private member’s bill and vote according to her conscience, is a sad attempt to avoid the political pain of declaring a position that may not align with voters expectations.

“The majority of Queensland MPs have declared their position why does Grace Grace think the voters of Brisbane Central don’t deserve to know which way she will vote?”

“Abortions happen whether they’re legal or not, restricting legal access to abortion risks the lives of women.

“If Grace Grace intends on ignoring the majority of voters in Brisbane Central who want to descrimilise abortion and endanger the safety and wellbeing of Queensland women the least she can do is be upfront about it.

“All women have the right to safe, affordable and legal abortion and to control their own bodies.

“Women should not be forced to gamble their lives because out of touch lawmakers want to make life altering decisions for them.

“My message to Grace Grace is there is a political price for putting the physical and mental well-being of women in her electorate in jeopardy.

“To win Brisbane Central all we need is 1500 votes, it is a vibrant, diverse electorate with progressive values, that deserves a member that truly represents them.

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