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Hunt must outline his plan to stop ‘blood in the water’ in the Southern Ocean this summer

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 2 Dec 2013

Following Minister Hunt’s election commitment to send the ACV Ocean Protector to the Southern Ocean, today Greens whaling spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson called on Greg Hunt to publicly outline his plan for action in full.

“The Antarctic whaling season is fast approaching and both the Japanese Whaling Fleet and the Sea Shepherd are readying for action,” said Senator Whish-Wilson.

“Minister Hunt’s recent statement that he would keep the Abbott Government’s commitment to 'monitoring and observing' the Japanese fleet must be backed up with action and I have written to him today to ask for the details to be released.

“Australia’s dedicated Southern Ocean patrol vessel, the ACV Ocean Protector has been cruising off the coast of Christmas Island and there are no signs it is going to leave.

“I call upon Greg Hunt to outline his plan in detail for surveillance and monitoring of whaling activity in the Southern Ocean.

“He must immediately indicate when the ACV Ocean Protector is going to leave Christmas Island and head south.

“Australians do not want to see whaling in our waters anymore - it is an insult to our values and an infringement on our sovereignty.

“Minister Hunt must outline his plans to prevent ‘blood in the water’ in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary this summer.

“Australians expect that the coalition will keep this straightforward and widely supported election promise,” Senator Whish-Wilson concluded.


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