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Hockey misreads Senate on asset recycling

Hockey misreads Senate on asset recycling

"Joe Hockey's threat to ignore the Senate's wishes on asset recycling shows just how out of touch he is with the Australian people," said the Australian Greens spokesperson for transport and infrastructure, Senator Janet Rice.

"The Senate has already had its say on the government's Asset Recycling Bill, and it is now clear that any attempt to attach the measures to an appropriations bill will fail."

The Greens emphasise the need for proper business cases for infrastructure projects, and call on the government to back down from their blind privatisation agenda.

"Public assets should remain in public hands unless there is a very compelling case to sell them," said Senator Rice.

"The Abbott government's privatisation rampage is threatening to create a toll road slush fund at the expense of revenue-generating state assets, such as public transport infrastructure."

Without public and proper cost-benefit analyses of projects, the extent of the damage of the government's reckless privatisation agenda is unclear.

"In its haste to bribe financially-stretched state governments, the government is encouraging secretive and sketchy business cases that simply don't stack up," said Senator Rice.

"From the little information we have, the business cases for East West Link and WestConnex show a waste of money at best.

"Selling off publicly-owned assets to fund these projects could trigger job losses across the country, while lining the pockets of Tony Abbott's private sector mates.

"The government should be serving communities, but instead their backward-looking agenda is dividing them."


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