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High speed rail: too little, too late from Labor

Media Release
Christine Milne 26 Aug 2013

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne and Deputy Leader Adam Bandt have said Labor is playing catch up and has failed to commit to the investment needed to get high speed rail moving.

In contrast to the $55 million announced by Labor today the Greens have committed $664 million over the forward estimates to fast tracking high speed rail by establishing a High Speed Rail Authority, securing the rail corridor and facilitating regulatory requirements and planning. The Greens have also committed an additional $570 million to an Environmental Impact Study.

"Labor's belated commitment to high speed rail is welcome but shows why you need the Greens to inject future thinking into government," Senator Milne said.

"The Greens have been driving this process, through the agreement with former PM Gillard, and we were the first out of the blocks to commit $664 million over the forward estimates to high speed rail this election campaign.

"If the ALP had been as forward thinking as the Greens we could already be well on track to having high speed rail in Australia."

Mr Bandt said: "This is too little, too late from Labor. The government has put high speed rail on the slow track for the past few years and it is only the Greens who have got it moving.

"High speed rail's time has come. It is an affordable, jobs rich and nation building project that can contribute in the shift to a strong, clean and sustainable economy.

"The Coalition now needs to match the commitment of the Greens or Australia faces another decade of delay from the old parties."

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