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Helicopters & hypocrisy: Liberals, Labor refuse to commit to a national ICAC

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 13 Aug 2015

A Senate debate on the Greens' national ICAC Bill has revealed neither Liberal nor Labor are willing to support a national corruption watchdog or an independent advisor on pollies' perks.

"It's no wonder the community has lost faith in politicians. We need a national ICAC," Senator Di Natale said.

"Was that confected outrage we saw from Labor over Bronwyn Bishop? Have the Liberals learned nothing?

"Neither major party is willing to restore public confidence in our Parliament by passing the Greens' anti-corruption bill. That is a catastrophic failure of leadership.

"It's shameful that any member of Parliament would deny the need for a national anti-corruption body, when the entitlements scandal has been so outrageous.

"If Labor or the Abbott government have concerns about the bill or suggestions for improvements, then my door is open and the Greens are ready to negotiate. We've heard nothing," said Senator Di Natale.

"If we had a Government or an Opposition prepared to support this Bill, we could prove that we are committed to ending corruption. Their silence speaks volumes."

The Greens' Bill establishes a National Integrity Commission as an independent statutory agency which will consist of the National Integrity Commissioner, a Law Enforcement watchdog and the Independent Parliamentary Advisor to provide for:

Independent advice to ministers and parliamentarians on conduct, ethics and matters of proprietary, including use of entitlements

the investigation and prevention of misconduct and corruption in all Commonwealth departments, agencies, and federal parliamentarians and their staff

the investigation and prevention of corruption in the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission


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