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Health for all: Greens investing in healthcare

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Richard Di Natale 28 Aug 2013

Every Australian deserves good healthcare. Where you live, or how much money you earn, shouldn't decide how well you get looked after when you are sick. The Greens are standing up for universal, quality healthcare at this election.

We cannot risk Tony Abbott making extreme cuts to healthcare services which will hurt millions of people - but by caving into big business and mining lobbyists, the Labor Party has missed opportunities to raise revenue to fund better healthcare for Australians.

We've already secured free dental care for 3.4 million children and a boost for public dental care, and we're committed to bring dental care fully into Medicare, starting with the most disadvantaged.

We'll invest in Medicare to bring health bills down, and boost funding for public hospitals by $1.5 billion to undo Liberal-Labor cuts. We'll protect our air, land and water from pollution, and help every Australian put healthy food on their table.

We're looking out for people in rural and regional Australia, with our funding boost for rural hospitals, our specialised rural mental health plan, investment in regional doctor training and more.

With targeted plans for mental health, eye health and hearing health, we'll help every Australian live a full and healthy life - and with our commitment to medical research and innovation, you know that we'll always be ready for the challenges of the future.

Read our full healthcare plan, including a boost to public hospitals.

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