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Hasty curriculum review should be canned

Media Release
Penny Wright 17 Jun 2014

Minister for Education Christopher Pyne has responded to Greens pressure to release the preliminary report of the Review into the Australian curriculum, posting the report online this afternoon.

However, Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright said she was not surprised how little had been achieved by the reviewers.

“Christopher Pyne’s handpicked reviewers haven’t done anything to outline their vision for schools in Australia,” Senator Wright said.

“With only 10 business days between the close of submissions and the first report – it’s no surprise they hadn’t even finished reading the 1500 public submissions.

“The Australian Greens have always said this review was too hasty – and totally unnecessary. Given the vacuity of this current document, Kevin Donnelly and Ken Wiltshire have essentially only three more months to review six years’ worth of work by hundreds of experts.

“A report with a poor process like this can have no integrity. Minister Pyne should dump this implausible review.”

Senator Wright tabled an order for production of documents to force the release of the report, which has been with the Minister since March 31. The government published the report moments before the Senate was due to vote.

“The Australian Greens are very proud to have forced some transparency into this rushed and premature review of the national curriculum,” Senator Wright added.


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