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Hardly any homes for low income earners in the Illawarra

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 27 Apr 2017
The Greens say the latest Anglicare rental affordability snapshot illustrates the need for urgent State and Federal government intervention. 
Out of 13,447 homes advertised for rent in the Greater Sydney and Illawarra regions:
  • only 26 were affordable and appropriate for people living on income support payments (0.2%), and only five of those were in the Illawarra (0.03%)
  • only 625 properties were affordable and appropriate for people living on the minimum wage (4.6%), and only 101 of those were in the Illawarra (0.7%)
  • only 99 properties (0.7%) in the Illawarra Region were suitable for a couple with two children, where both partners earn the minimum wage
“These are deeply sobering statistics,” Senator Rhiannon said. “They describe the magnitude of the housing crisis but also the total inadequacy of our current social safety net.

“Illawarra residents who are trying to get by on meagre government payments are completely priced out of rental housing.

“Roughly a quarter of residents in the Greater Sydney and Illawarra regions rent, but there are hardly any rental properties available for people getting by on minimal income support payments or for people who are on the minimum wage.

“Government MPs like to suggest that people struggling with the cost of housing in Sydney should move to regions, but the reality is that those regions are also facing a critical lack of affordable and appropriate housing.

“The Greens have a lot of ideas on the table including a strong national affordable housing finance corporation, negative gearing and capital gains tax discount reform, replacing stamp duty with a broad based land tax, and a national plan for renters including national minimum standards to help regulate rent rises. I urge the government to take our ideas and implement them,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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