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Greens welcome Port Lincoln Council’s opposition to drilling in the Bight

Port Lincoln Council’s decision is a pivotal moment in the campaign to protect the Great Australian Bight, the Greens say.


“Port Lincoln has sent a clear message this week in support of keeping oil and gas drilling out of the Bight,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“This is another council joining the chorus of community leaders against drilling in the Bight. The Labor and Liberal parties, who have so far failed the growing number of South Australians opposed to drilling in the Bight, are on notice.


“Port Lincoln’s official opposition to drilling for oil and gas in the Great Australian Bight is a pivotal moment in the campaign. The councillors who have worked hard on this proposal, and the local fishing industries fighting oil and gas drilling should be commended.


“Chaining ourselves to fossil fuels production at a time when we need to be transitioning away from dirty energy sources is madness. South Australians are proud of our state’s clean, green image.


“The Bight is a beautiful, pristine marine environment and it must be protected. The Greens’ campaign to nominate the Great Australian Bight for World Heritage protection in 2020 has thousands of supporters, and 74 % of South Australians polled recently backed the push.


“The Greens will keep fighting with local communities, councils and our tourism and fishing industries to stop oil and gas drilling in the Bight.”

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