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Greens welcome Minister Andrews’ cancellation of plans to open World Congress of Families conference

Media Release
Larissa Waters 29 Aug 2014

The Australian Greens welcome Minister Andrews’ decision not to open the World Congress of Families conference in Melbourne tomorrow.

“This is good news for everyone who stood together to oppose the Abbott Government effectively endorsing the World Congress of Families’ harmful, discriminatory, prejudice-driven campaigns,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens spokesperson for women, said.

“Having the federal Minister for Social Services open this conference would have sent a message that Australia accepts the Congress’ international campaigns to criminalise LGBTIQ people and to restrict access to abortion, which is absolutely not the case.

“Australians value equality, diversity and autonomy, as shown by the passionate public opposition to political representatives supporting the Congress and spreading its unfounded myths, including the completely discredited link between abortion and breast cancer.

“There’s still so much more work to be done to secure women’s and LGBTIQ rights and freedoms in Australia – we still have not legalised equal marriage and abortion is still a crime in some states.

“We can’t afford any backward steps, which is why it’s so important that the community has stood up against attempts by Abbott Government ministers to drag us back to the 1950s.

“The Senate also sent a strong message about Australian values to the Abbott Government by passing my motion yesterday to call on Minister Andrews not to attend the conference,” Senator Waters said.

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