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Greens welcome late night train trial for Perth


West Australian Greens have welcomed State Government plans to trial free 4am trains on weekends to help revellers home from nightspots.


Greens Federal transport spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam praised the work of Seb Brodie and Scott Brosens who campaigned for the service.


"It's heartening to see people power at work. This is only a trial but it is a positive outcome and a good start," said Senator Ludlam. "Train services at 3am, as well as 4am, would improve the trial as we would still have a fairly big gap in rail services on the weekends between 2am and 4am under the current plan."


South Metropolitan Region MLC Lynn MacLaren said it is crucial that the State Government gets the trial right.


"We want an accurate understanding of the demand for services - so this trial service needs to be promoted properly and run properly. That means adequate security at stations as well as on the trains themselves, and functioning taxi ranks for people who need them for the second leg of their journey home," she said.


Senator Ludlam noted that the six month trial starting in November would cost only one million dollars, illustrating the ease with which the service could be extended to include 3am services and made permanent.


"In the scheme of the entire state transport budget, one million dollars for six months is a very reasonable amount for a service that will be much-appreciated and is likely to reduce late-night antisocial behaviour in the city."


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