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Greens urge Labor to change tack and block Turnbull tax cuts in Senate

Media Release
Adam Bandt 24 May 2018

Greens urge Labor to change tack and block Turnbull tax cuts in Senate

After Labor last night voted in the House to support Turnbull’s tax plan in full, Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt today said that the Greens wanted to stop the government’s assault on egalitarianism and that Labor should help.

“The Greens want to stop the Liberals’ assault on egalitarianism but right now, Labor’s complicit in these attacks,” said Mr Bandt.

“Every time Labor joins in the tax cuts arms race another piece of Whitlam’s welfare state dies.

“Last night, Labor voted to give millionaires a tax cut. They voted to give hedge fund managers, CEOs and bankers a tax cut and if they don’t change their appalling tactics in the Senate, Turnbull’s tax cuts will become law.

“The Greens want services, not tax cuts.

“We don’t need more analysis or more costings to know these tax cuts are wrong. When hundreds of thousands of people in this country are struggling to keep their head above water, a tax cut for millionaires is unjustifiable.

“How can Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten tell people living below the poverty line that there’s no money to raise Newstart, yet vote for tax cuts for Australia’s richest people?

“The Greens hope that Labor will come to their senses and work with us in the Senate to stop this handout to millionaires.

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