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Greens to test $1 bet option in the Parliament

Media Release
Bob Brown 22 Jan 2012

Despite the collapse of the talks between the Prime Minister and Andrew Wilkie, the Greens will promote the $1 bet option for poker-machine reform, Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said today.

"Experts back $1 bet limits. It's the popular option. It's cheaper for pubs and clubs. And it has the best chance of passing Parliament. It could have passed Parliament already but was shunted off by the more complex and expensive mandatory pre-commitment option," Senator Brown said in Hobart.

"This best option will now be tested in Parliament by the Greens either amending the government's bill or by a stand-alone $1 bet limit bill.

"The huge public disappointment at the government's back-off merits every MP being tested on where they stand on gambling reform," Senator Brown said.


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