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Greens spokesperson for women, Senator Larissa Waters, responds to Labor’s domestic violence announcement today

Media Release
Larissa Waters 11 Jun 2016

"This is a step in the right direction from Labor but it doesn't provide adequate, long-term funding for the sector and falls short of providing 10 days domestic violence leave per year.

"In consultation with the sector, we Greens have developed a plan for a $5 billion package over ten years to provide long-term, secure funding for domestic violence services, such as women's shelters, crisis phone services and perpetrator programs.

"Our $5 billion commitment to front line specialist domestic violence services is in addition to our previously announced commitment to double federal funding for homelessness programs and our commitments on affordable housing.

"Our funding for domestic violence includes at least $100 million over 2 years for the construction of new homeless shelters and women's shelters.

"Australia can fund domestic violence services so no woman is turned away, by raising revenue from those who can afford to pay their fair share, for example through reforming negative gearing, the capital gains discount and superannuation taxation.

"Why should women fleeing domestic violence go homeless, while the very wealthy get taxpayer-funded subsidies for their multiple investment homes?

"We would also improve rights at work for women facing domestic violence, with 10 days of paid domestic violence leave for all workers under the National Employment Standards.

"Our package protects against discrimination at work on the basis of domestic violence and extends the right to request flexible working arrangements to those affected by domestic violence," Senator Waters said.

The Greens' domestic violence services package:

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