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Greens Senator slams Margaret Court’s comments labelling trans children “all the devil”

Media Release
Janet Rice 1 Jun 2017

Senator Janet Rice, Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson, has slammed Margaret Court’s most recent comments about marriage equality and trans young people, and called on Malcolm Turnbull to stand up to bigotry once and for all.

“I am absolutely shocked. Beyond shocked. To label trans and non-binary children as “all the devil”  is absolutely disgusting and to target young children is simply unacceptable. Children, particularly, should be safe from such harmful language,” said Senator Rice.

Senator Rice said that serious consideration should be given to changing the name of Margaret Court Arena, saying “Public spaces like Margaret Court Arena should be spaces where all people feel safe and included.”

Senator Rice noted that Ms Court had played the victim since her initial comments about marriage equality last week.

“I’m sorry Margaret, the real victims are LGBTIQ people, including trans young people, who you are singling out with your horrible comments,” said Senator Rice.

“Imagine being a young trans child and hearing yourself described as the devil. Trans youth already suffer much higher rates of depression and suicide just for being who they are, and it’s because of comments like this.”

“Trans children aren’t taught to be trans, they simply are trans. There’s no elaborate plot, and to suggest there’s a Hitler or Communist-style plot is preposterous,” Senator Rice continued.

Senator Rice again called on the Prime Minister to stand up to the persistent anti-equality culture, including in his own party, and commit to a free vote in parliament on marriage equality.

“The Prime Minister should let parliament to do its job. The longer he stretches it out, the more harm comments from people like Court will do to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTIQ) people,” said Senator Rice.

“A plebiscite which is still Government policy will only open floodgates to more vitriolic and deeply offensive language the like we have heard from Margaret Court in the last week, and the PM must drop this thought-bubble once and for all.”

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