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Greens say vulnerable will suffer most under May budget

The Australian Greens say the Abbott government is making its approach to income support very clear in revealing that income management will be one of the only areas to get more funding this May.

"Income management is a failed, top down demonising approach to those on income support," said Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Community Services.

"Reducing indexation of income support payments will take money out of the pockets of the most vulnerable, such as people living with disability, single parents on parenting payments, and carers payments. This will send more and more people into poverty.

"All we get from the Prime Minister is one liners like welfare to work, a hand up not a hand out, meanwhile, he is sending people further into poverty. Living in poverty doesn't help people find work or get training, so where is the vision and plans for improving employment services and support for helping people into work?

"It is nonsense to say that everyone needs to help share the pain. The most vulnerable shouldn't be asked to. Living in poverty is painful enough.

"The Prime Minister is throwing away important revenue streams like the price on pollution and the mining tax, while making things harder for those on income support because he wants to look after his business mates rather than help the most vulnerable," concluded Senator Siewert.

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