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Greens say unity will combat terror in the Middle East and at home

Greens Leader Christine Milne has called on Australians to stand together against terrorism threats on home soil, saying unity, not war, will deliver lasting peace.

"The best way to keep Australians safe is to bring them together, not blindly follow the US into an unwinnable war in the Middle East," said Senator Milne.

"Are we going to another war in the Middle East because the terror alert has been raised, or the other way around?

"Australia should support the new Iraqi government to be inclusive and de-escalate sectarian tensions, at the same time making sure our own community is inclusive.

"We need to think about tolerance in Australian society and how successful our multiculturalism has been.

"We ought to come together to make sure that people who need to be punished are punished, but don't let fear take over.

"We don't want to victimise, alienate or make people vulnerable to inducements from overseas.

"ISIL is a disgraceful organisation and the barbarity with which they act is appalling. We need to cut off their money and supplies, make sure borders are sealed and support an inclusive government in Iraq, not just drop bombs.

"It is important to deal with terrorism at its source and we need a long-term strategy to do so. Instead, Tony Abbott is following the US into a multi-year war with no strategy and no independent foreign policy."


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