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Greens say Turnbull government is delivering profits to developers for Maribyrnong site, leaving community behind

Media Release
Janet Rice 3 Jun 2017

The Greens have responded to reports of a private developer's plans for the former defence land along the Maribyrnong River, saying this is a typical Turnbull government move to deliver massive profits to big developers, with zero input from the community and no clear plan for fixing our housing affordability crisis.


"The apparent centrepiece of the government's housing plan is nothing but a shonky deal that allows developers to call the shots while completely locking the local community out," said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens Senator and former councillor and mayor of Maribyrnong Council.


Senator Rice noted that "The community wants sensitive, sustainable and affordable neighbourhoods, not megatowers and over-development."


"The community's vision is for the site to become a benchmark in sustainable urban design and green living principles," said Senator Rice.


"It just goes to show how much of a farce the planning process is. The government looks set to rubber stamp a plan for this site that will line the pockets of developers by prioritising their profits over the community and the environment," said Senator Rice.

Colleen Hartland, Victorian Greens MP for Western Metropolitan, said, "I am surprised that the federal government and the developer are talking about how much can be built on the site without releasing a decontamination plan.

"They have failed to do the most basic of consultations. Residents getting news about this project via the media is not consultation," said Ms Hartland. 

"The federal government clearly does not care about local residents' concerns."

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