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Greens say Melbourne Airport Rail pledge is welcome, call for route and ownership to put public needs first

Media Release
Janet Rice 12 Apr 2018

Greens transport spokesperson, Victorian Senator Janet Rice, says that Malcolm Turnbull’s pledge for Melbourne Airport Rail is a welcome turnaround by the federal government after years of inaction on public transport.

“Melbourne has been crying out for a rail link to the airport for decades, so it’s a welcome step for the federal government to finally commit real funding to this vital public transport service.”

“Scott Morrison trumpeted this announcement today saying it’s 50 years overdue. The question is, what have successive Labor and Liberal governments been doing for all those years?

“It’s about time this government dropped its Abbott-era opposition to PT and its obsession with massive toll roads and mega-freeways, and instead invested real money in public transport across the country.”

“Public transport like Melbourne Airport Rail is an essential public service, and we need to make sure it’s built and run with the community’s needs put first, not as a privatised rail service with inflated ticket prices.”

“And when it comes to the best route to the airport, Malcolm Turnbull shouldn’t jump the gun and tell Victorians what we need. We need to ensure the route offers Melbourne the best connectivity and efficiency possible.”

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