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Greens say “No Deal” to Labor and Liberal’s tax cuts

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 21 May 2018

The Australian Greens today ruled out supporting both the Coalition and Labor’s personal tax cuts, calling for greater public investment in essential services instead.

“These income tax cut are nothing more than a bribe to try get their massive company tax cuts over the line. People on minimum wage won’t even see $4 a week, with the wealthiest Australians benefiting the most. 

“Both parties’ plans will worsen inequality, and see us lose vital revenue for the essential services people rely upon. And neither of the old parties have a plan to address the tax avoidance system that’s allowing multinational companies to avoid paying a fair share of tax in Australia.

Greens Treasury spokesperson Peter Whish-Wilson said tax cut package was heavily weighted to the big end of town.

“Students and mothers returning to work part-time will get nothing, yet the Coalition’s package would give thousands back to executives and bankers earning $200,000 a year,” Sen Whish-Wilson said.

“How can Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten look Australians in the eye as they hand out tax cuts to people well above the median wage, yet say people on Newstart should remain below the poverty line?”

Dr Di Natale said with economic inequality on the rise, the priority should be to reinvest in public services.

“For years, politicians have been telling Australians that the budget doesn’t have money to properly fund our public schools, build a world-class NBN, or take action on climate change,” Dr Di Natale said.

“Yet when an election is rolling around both old parties are giving away cheques like a breakfast TV show trying to increase their ratings.

“This reckless tax auction is nothing more than a distraction from the millions of dollars stripped from our schools, hospitals and social safety net over the past decade.

“While Turnbull is busy squabbling with Labor over how much they want to rip out of Australia’s institutions, the Greens are proud to stand up for Medicare, our public schools and hospitals and the environment.”

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