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The Greens' Safe Climate Bill


The Greens' Safe Climate Bill is the first legislative attempt to transform Australia as swiftly as possible into a flourishing carbon neutral powerhouse.

Read all the details of the bill here.

Listen to Christine's briefing on the bill here.

ACT - send letters to the editor supporting the Safe Climate Bill here.

Download our briefing paper here.

Where the Rudd Government's CPRS - the Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme - locks in failure on the climate crisis by ignoring the science and sandbagging old polluters at the expense of the sunrise industries, the Greens' Safe Climate Bill gives us a real chance of success by aiming for the goal we know we need to achieve and then setting out how to get there.

The goal is not simply to reduce carbon pollution. It is to make sure we can pass on to our children and their children the safe climate that has nurtured us and made human civilisation possible.

For many, this might seem out of reach, but we humans are capable of amazing things when we set our minds to it. Setting a zero emissions safe climate target would inspire the community and unleash a wave of creativity, of innovative job creation that is right now champing at the bit, as well as improving our quality of life and reconnecting our communities.

The Safe Climate Bill is a collection of linked bills based around the five pillars of renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transport, forest protection and green jobs, supported by a real carbon pricing scheme. Some of the Bills have already been introduced and others are intended as exposure drafts for public comment and debate.

You can download the bills and read all about the Greens' plan for a safe climate here.

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