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Greens to reverse Abbott Government's divorce tax

Media Release
Penny Wright 20 Jun 2015

The Australian Greens will move to strike down the Abbott Government's court fee increases, which legal centres have said will delay victims of domestic violence from seeking a divorce.

Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Senator Penny Wright, who will introduce the disallowance motion next week, said increasing the cost of divorce applications from $845 to $1195 was excessive.

"It is completely inappropriate to use family breakdown as a cash cow for the government," Senator Wright said.

"The Greens know these cruel fee hikes to Family Court fees will make it harder for victims of domestic violence to seek a divorce.

"Higher divorce and subpoena fees are an effective tax on court users, targeting people in need right when they are most vulnerable.

"It is a blatant revenue-raising measure from the Abbott Government. Divorce applications are very straightforward and usually only take 10 minutes each - it is not these cases that are soaking up the court's resources.

"The Greens are confident we will have the parliamentary support to strike down these unjustified and cruel fee increases."

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