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Greens propose new year negotiations on emissions trading

The Australian Greens have today written to the Prime Minister, proposing for the fourth time since May to enter good faith negotiations around the emissions trading scheme.

"The government's only choice for meeting Copenhagen's goal of less than 2C warming is to talk to the Greens and we propose good faith negotiations for the new year," Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown said.

"The Greens have always stood ready to negotiate with the government, but Minister Wong has rebuffed us, refusing to talk about targets.

"Let's have a clean slate in the new year and agree to good faith negotiations around the whole emissions trading scheme in order to get Australia moving towards that clean, bright future."

A copy of the Greens' letter is below.

"The Greens have proposed an array of sensible amendments, backed up by Professor Garnaut's economics and the IPCC's science," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne said.

"Minister Wong has to take off her blinkers on targets and see that the world has to move, and Australia has to move with it. The Greens are ready to move. Will the government stay stuck in the mud?

"If Copenhagen demonstrated anything it is that the only way to make global progress is for developed countries like Australia to bite the bullet and lift our sights to ambitious, science-based targets.

"Unless and until we make that move, the Accord's less than 2C warming goal will be a sham.

"The CPRS as it stands now cannot possible see Australia play its fair role in the global climate effort. It must be amended. The Greens stand ready to deliver those amendments."

22 December 2009

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Prime Minister

I am again writing to demonstrate the Greens' willingness to negotiate on the government's emissions trading scheme before Parliament resumes in February.

To date, the government has indicated an unwillingness to negotiate on the all-important issue of the targets.

As you are aware, the Copenhagen commitment of less than 2 degrees warming will require emissions cuts stronger than the government has so far proposed.

We are willing to negotiate the government's entire emissions trading scheme package, including the targets, to arrive at an outcome that will satisfy the Copenhagen commitments.

Yours sincerely


Senator Bob Brown Senator Christine Milne
Leader, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Australian Greens

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