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Greens pleased to be part of cross-party marriage bill if Australia says ‘yes’

Media Release
Janet Rice 14 Nov 2017

The Greens are pleased to be a part of this cross-party marriage bill along with Senator Dean Smith, who proposed a draft of this bill some months ago, members of the Liberal and Labor parties and crossbench senators from the Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party and the Nick Xenophon Team.

“We’re on the brink of an historic reform, so it is wonderful to have cross-party support,” said Senator Rice. “We don’t want to pre-empt tomorrow’s survey result, but we want to make marriage equality a reality at the earliest opportunity, so we’re getting ready now.”

“For the Greens, this bill isn’t perfect, but it’s the right starting point. It has come out of a cross-party senate inquiry and community consultation, and it has the best chance of success.”

“We are considering amendments to ensure religious exemptions don’t go further than they have to.”

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