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Greens NSW backs “No WSA, Yes to HSR” campaign for Western Sydney

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 24 Feb 2017
The Greens NSW have stepped up their opposition to Western Sydney Airport with its State Council passing a unanimous motion on the issue and pledging support for No WSA events in Western Sydney.
Greens NSW Transport and Western Sydney Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi, said: “The Greens’ united stance against Western Sydney Airport and consistent support for High Speed Rail and public transport projects is the way to drive long term sustainable jobs growth in Western Sydney.
“The Greens will continue to work with No Western Sydney Airport groups until the right of Western Sydney residents to have a safe and clean environment is secured.
Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “The row over building terms shows that the government will be forced to sweeten the deal for whoever ends up with the contract, and we can be sure that the sweeteners will make a bad deal even worse for Western Sydney communities.
Greens Councillor for Hawkesbury City Council, Danielle Wheeler, said, “Any airport at Badgery's Creek would be bad news for the local economy, tourism and the environment, but one that operates 24/7 would be shocking.
“Hawkesbury locals know a bit about aircraft noise, and our airport is small, heavily regulated and a good neighbour.  Imagine the impact of a 24/7 commercial or freight airport! 
“People living in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains should not have to put up with noise pollution that is not tolerated at Sydney Airport, nor should they have to trade their quality of life for investment in local jobs.
“We must stop treating the people of Western Sydney like second class citizens."
“It is great to have the active support of the whole of the Greens NSW for our No to WSA, Yes to High Speed Rail campaign. It’s time we built 21st Century infrastructure,” Councillor Wheeler said. 
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