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Greens NSW are proud of our policies and internal democracy

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 29 Jun 2017

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon will continue to stand with Greens members everywhere for public education, social and environmental justice and internal party democracy despite the decision of the Greens ​federal ​Party Room meeting in Melbourne yesterday​

Senator Rhiannon said, "Yesterday I attended and contributed in good faith to a robust discussion in the Greens party room, as I always do.

“Consistent backgrounding and leaks from senior Greens sources is what is divisive to this party not my work with members campaigning for public education.

“We have an active membership in the Greens NSW.​

“Our party's constitution ensures members have a right ​to participate in decision making. That’s the way we do things in NSW.

"I will continue to work closely with Greens members and defend their right to exercise their democratic involvement in the party.

"As a Senator for the Greens NSW, I will always be a proud and passionate advocate for public education and social and environmental justice in my work.

“Greens NSW members are active, generous, hard-working  people who are committed to democratic principles.

“I stand with the Greens NSW co-convenors in my belief that the ​federal Party Room ​decision was wrong and in part unconstitutional and it will need to be reviewed by National Council.

"I understand the State Delegate's Council will consider the Greens NSW response at the next meeting on 8-9 July.

“I appreciate the strong messages of support I have received from Greens members and campaigners across the country who believe in ​our party as a powerful grassroots movement.


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