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Greens to move to overturn Byron citizenship ban

The Greens will move in the Senate to disallow the draconian ban on Byron Council conducting citizenship ceremonies.

“Councils have the right to conduct citizenship ceremonies at times which respect all people, including First Nations peoples, without being bullied by the Liberals,” Greens Immigration and Citizenship spokesperson Nick McKim said.

“The people of Byron, just like the people of Darebin and Yarra, should have the right to welcome people to their communities.”

“That should never come under threat because of the paranoid jingoism of the Liberals.”

“If the government proceeds with its attempt to ban Byron Council from conducting citizenship ceremonies, then we will move to disallow that regulation in the Senate.”          

Greens spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues Senator Rachel Siewert said:

“Local Councils are the level of Government closest to the community and they are well placed to consult with First Nations peoples and the community."

“The Government should stop their bullying and interference of an elected body trying to do their job."

“Having a 'separate day for Indigenous people' is something out of an apartheid regime – we need a day when we can all come together."

“Changing the day we celebrate Australia is one of the first of many steps towards truth, justice and healing and local councils should be commended for advocating for social justice in their communities."

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