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Greens move 'No More Coal' bill to turn fraudulent 2050 deal into climate action

Media Release
Adam Bandt 25 Oct 2021

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP has labelled the deal between the Nationals and Liberal Party as a ‘fraudulent’ deal that does nothing to stop the climate crisis, bakes in 2030 targets that endanger our kids and puts more coal and gas into the system.

To put genuine action to the Liberal, Labor and National target, Mr Bandt will today introduce a bill that will prohibit new thermal coal projects, phase out thermal coal exports completely by 2030 and support our rapid medium-term transition to a thriving renewable economy.

Australia is the world’s third biggest exporter of fossil fuel pollution after Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Australian coal exports are primarily sold to Japan, China, and South Korea. All three countries have pledged net zero, leaving Australia economically exposed when they phase coal out of their electricity system.

Government Agency ABARES found that climate damage is already costing each Australian farmer $30,000 in lost income at the current level of 1.1 degrees of warming. Australia’s current emissions reduction targets are associated by the independent Climate Council with 3–4 degrees warming.

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:

“In the middle of a climate crisis, Liberal and Labor want more coal. They’re throwing petrol on the fire.

“Liberal, Nationals and Labor all now back more coal and gas, and a 2050 delay instead of 2030 action. 

“This whole 2050 fiasco was an attempt to distract from the real action we urgently need by 2030, which includes phasing out coal.

“Australia’s targets are consistent with 3–4 degrees of warming, which means turbocharged droughts and fires, global insecurity due to rising sea levels, and proliferating serious threats from disease.

“If we want our kids and grandkids to survive the next century, without fear of mass global insecurity, droughts, fires and water wars, we urgently need to lead the global transition away from coal.

“Coal is the next asbestos and it is time we regulated it as such. It is toxic and dangerous. We need to stop exporting coal.

“Either we plan the transformation out of coal - on our own terms - or we let other countries make the decision for us, without warning.

“Australia has every opportunity to be a renewable energy superpower, exporting clean, cheap renewable energy instead of coal. But we have to act now.

“We are the only party with the courage not to lie to the Australian people about the future of coal. The only party with the courage to release a roadmap that embraces a renewable energy future and creates tens of thousands of new jobs so that no worker or community is left behind.”

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